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Petting Zoo

Something we take very seriously is the welfare of not only our animals, but that of all animals. We do our best to let people enjoy animals while also educating them on healthy and sustainable farming practices, as well as the reality that some of our rescue animals come from. Our petting zoo is free to attend at our farm but is also available for birthday parties, events, etc. Prices vary for anything off farm.

Livestock Adoption

Crooked Creek Acres knows that livestock animals are not everyone's first thought when they start thinking about getting a new pet. However if you have the appropriate space, adequate fencing, and want a unique pet, livestock is the way to go. Goats, Sheep and especially pigs all have some of the biggest sassy personalities, and they pack just as much love


Domestic Adoption 

Crooked Creek Acres is dedicated to finding all house pets we can their perfect forever home. We specialize in fostering, rehabilitating, and rehoming the hardest to deal with domesticated house pets. With lots of love, work, patience, understanding, and the proper environment each one of our animals has been able to find loving and fulfilling forever homes. If you are interesting in giving one of these beautiful souls a chance, click the link below!

Exotic Pet Adoption

Reptiles are often misunderstood in the pet community. Often times they are not cared for properly and seen as "throw away" animals. However, for those that love them and know how to take care of them properly, they make some of the most interesting and amazing pets. If you are one of those people who prefers the cold-blooded then check out who we have available to go to their forever home.


Support Services

Crooked Creek Acres offers additional animal care and maintenance services for those who have either bought herds from us or those who can't otherwise do the care themselves. We provide livestock hoof trimming, kidding kits, portable fence moving, vaccinations, and deworming.


Here at Crooked Creek Acres one of our main hobbies is gardening. We have taken our love for growing so far we that we built a 2,500 sqft. food garden to facilitate our hobby. With such an abundance of fresh produce, we created a pay-what-you-can food assistance program for those who might otherwise have no regular access to fresh produce. We welcome any community participation through volunteering or donation. If you want to be involved with any volunteering, please contact us at any time.

Community Garden
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