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Little Tikes Playpen

When you come to Crooked Creek Acres our main petting zoo area, that can be accessed at all times from outside the fence, is themed with some of the sheep, goats, and pigs favorite kind of toys, old little tikes play structures! This pen also features the ability to give the sheep, goats, and pig special treats via our treat machine. If you want a more personal and up close experience, get in touch for an appointment.

Fluff Butts

Rabbits are always a favorite for the kids, thankfully Butters has amazing patience with everyone and is extremely soft and fluffy. You can view Butters from outside of his enclosures during regular business hours but for any handling interactions an appointment will need to be made. He is viewable all year round except during extreme heat waves.

Kid & Kidding Pens

During kidding season our kidding and goat kid pen can be toured with an appointment. During the tour we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our setup and breeding practices. These tours are great if you are interested in one day having your own farm. These pens are only used when the does are about to give birth and when the kids are still too young to integrate into the rest of the herd, be mindful of this when making an appointment specifically wanting to see these parts of the farm.


Pogona, more commonly known as bearded dragons, are very misunderstood reptiles to those who don't have any experience with them. With the proper care and attention bearded dragons can make amazing pets. Mrs. Cane's, Jollibee, and Wendy are extremely friendly but need to be handled with EXTREME care as they were all diagnosed with Metabolic Bone Disease before being surrendered and then adopted by us. Any interactions with any of our reptiles will require you to use hand sanitizer when finished because they carry salmonella and other illness causing bacteria, we do provide this for free.

Leopard Geckos

Geckos, especially leopard geckos, are usually the first reptile introduced to a child who is interested in owning reptiles. Generally speaking they are indifferent to being handled, easy to feed, and don't require any supplemental light to stay healthy like most other reptiles. Both of our geckos are great with little kids and showing them just how great they can be as a first reptile pets. To handle either of our geckos please make an appointment prior for a full farm tour as their pens are inside our home.

We offer a variety of different options for bringing our animals out to your event. Choose the package that best suits the theme of your event.

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