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Available Puppies & Dogs

We currently have 3 dog available for adoption, 1 lone boy and a brother/sister pair . If you would like to adopt, please use the animals original or temporary name on your application and fill out only the sections of the application that are relevant to the species you are adopting.

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Breed: Husky/Pitbull MixGender: MaleEstimated Age/Birth Date: 2 YearsSpay/Neutered (Y/N): YesAdoption Fee: *WAIVED*

Crooked Creek Acres next great political debate, "Who is going to be Banner's forever home?"😉🗳🏡

Banner was surrendered to us because the living situation, and relationship status, of his previous owner changed. 

He has calmed down TREMENDOUSLY through ongoing rehabilitation work but is still nervous at first and will need slow introductions. He was previously abused and was then abandoned, patience, good vibes, and confidence are the KEY to bringing out his inner goof. 

He should be in a home with children who understand how to behave around dogs because of his past but he does love them. Banner thus far has shown us he is indifferent to cats and livestock. He did come from a home with another very large dog and would do ok with the right dog and slow introductions, but he would do best in an only dog home. He will need to be in a fully fenced yard as well because he is a runner under the right circumstances, like 30 mph 🏃🏼💨 speed too, as well as being very strong. Despite this he is incredibly well leashed trained, enough to let our young child walk him, and will let you open doors without running out on you. Banner loves car rides, long walks, pup cups, and doing little toe tappies when he is excited to see you. 

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Breed: Purebred German Shepherd

Gender: Male

Estimated Age/Birth Date: 6 Years, July 5th

Spay/Neutered (Y/N): Yes

Adoption Fee: *WAIVED*

Bubba Boy was surrendered to us because his family loves him so very much but are no longer able to keep up with his needs due to declining health and wanted to give him what is best. He is up to date on all vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention and health checks. He has also been completely covered by pet insurance since their previous owner got him at 11 weeks. The new owners SHOULD be able to get insurance easier if they choose because of this. He is well established at Valley Veterinarian Clinic in Red Bluff if you ever have questions about their medical history.He is also very good with children and does very well with indoor cats that he sees as family but will bark at others that enter the yards. Unfortunately he is dog aggressive, it is fear aggression as he was attacked by other dogs in his own yard when he was younger. He needs to be kenneled when left alone as can be destructive but is well kennel trained and does not make any attempts to escape. He sleeps inside very well every night but absolutely NEEDS daily adequate outside time in a safe environment. Bubba is not food aggressive. He knows the basic commands: sit, stay, down, come, out, kennel up, no, inside and no face. Bubba has no medical issues at all. He is extremely trainable and loves to go threw drills. His favorite toys are tennis balls but he also loves his squeaking pig toys, as well as his stuffed owl toy. He does love to dig holes but it’s not to escape, just to bark at the dirt and into the holes. He also LOVES to snuggle and give his version of a hug. Bubba walks well on a leash, with no jumping and minimal pulling.

Available Puppies & Dogs: Programs
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